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UK approves Covid-19 vaccine

This is the news that we have all been waiting for! The turn around will hopefully start within a few months.

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TSA checkpoint scans have been much healthier these past 2 weeks, basically being approx 1 million a day.

This is a huge step up from the peak of covid in April, when you had only like 100k scans per day.

Hopefully with this vaccine, things will be at a much quicker climb.

100%. I’ve also been thinking about this and wouldn’t it make sense the airlines will be attempting to preempt any kind of travel surge? I think Delta learned their lesson this last Thanksgiving that they need to have all hands on deck when it comes time for everyone to get back in the skies again…

I’m assuming most of the regionals/domestic carriers at the minimum will start bringing some people back around April/May just before general populace is expected to begin receiving vaccines.



While I could of course be wrong, the airlines are in “stop the bleeding mode” and are airing on the side of caution. That means they may be a little behind the curve but they will catch up.


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The past 2 weeks are also thanksgiving travel, so I would read your data with a bit of skepticism. I think it will take until late winter to early spring to get enough people to get vaccinated (a 6 week process) in order to make much of a difference.

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Makes sense too…

Thanks for the perspective!