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Unable to make decision

I started working in September and I want to get on with my pilot school as soon as possible but to go to ATP flight school I would have to quit my job what do you guys think?

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Hi Ibraim!

We always strongly recommend that Fast Track students commit themselves to the program full-time. That means not working during the program.

Aren’t you still in high school, though?



ATP requires a full-time commitment so you are correct you would have to quit your job.

None of it’s know your personal situation and I this is a grown up life decision and one that only you can make for yourself. If you don’t have the maturity to make it on your own you should probably wait until you do.


I might just add, if you aren’t too sure about this decision, you could try getting your PPL at a local school. Then ATP will take you with credit for your private at 78 hours.


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I would recommend checking out ATP’s Flex Track program, it is expected to be available again soon. This program allows one to work while also going through flight training.