Under Consideration

Hello, this is my first post. Thank you in advance to anyone whom might share some insight.

I have dreamed of being a pilot since high school. I am now 45 years old and sell boats here in Michigan and like my job but want to follow a dream.

In your opinion would it make sense to try to make this happen at 45…I have no degree so based on what i have read i would be capped at a regional airline. Can i pay off my student loan for this training and make a comfortable salary, 100K?

If i started tomorrow…how long does this program take before i can start applying for a job?
Thanks again…I appreciate the help with my begginer questions!


This is probably the #1 question asked here. If you start today you could be flying for a Regional in approx 2.5yrs so you’d be 47-48 leaving you with about 17yrs to fly. Most Regional Capts top out in the $90s. The thing to consider is even without a degree you could make it to an LCC and earn in the mid $150-200ks.

All the above is academic as there are alot of ifs in there and if you’re doing it simply for the money I’d say it might not be worth it. If however it is in fact your dream you could have a very nice career, definitely make decent money and possibly much more.

I recommend you visit our FAQ section where we answer this and many other commonly asked questions on greater detail.



Thank you Adam so much for the response.
I assumed this must be a common question.
I will filter through the FAQ’s section as you reccomended.
I would not be doing this for the money but enjoy not worrying about money as well…lol. I have flown a friends Cesna and worked for Skywest as a cross-utilized Agent for a while in DRO when i used to live there. I understand and enjoy the lifestyle.