Uniform Question

Hi everyone,

I am starting ATP at Conroe in August and was curious about the color of pants/shorts. Are gray chinos & shorts accepted? I saw that black, blue, and khaki are, but I have a good amount of gray shorts that would work and save me money on buying new clothes.

Thanks in advance!



Unfortunately not. ATP gives students the option of wearing three different colors for pants or shorts, which is pretty generous, and gray is not one of them.

Interesting fact, ATP is modeled after the airlines, down to attire and personal appearances. A lot of airlines require that the employees pay for their own uniforms as well. So, in short, what I am trying to say is, welcome to aviation :wink:


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What’s a few more dollars going to hurt? Lol. Thanks Tory.

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You’d be surprised at what you can thrift if you’re tight on money. I hear it’s the latest trend :wink:


PS. I picked up on your “pennies” to “dollars” edit. Adjusted for inflation? :wink:



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