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United Airlines Avoids All Pilot Furloughs

This was an interesting deal that came out of United Airlines in light of the current Covid-19 situation. United actually spent MORE money to keep pilots on property (as opposed to furloughing them) because they do not want to lose pilots to other companies, nor do they want to incur the significant training costs that it takes to re-qualify pilots. Apparently United feels that travel demand will come back rather quickly once a vaccine is available and wants to be in a position to capitalize on that.


Thank you for posting this. I was thinking about asking you how things were going over there but I didn’t want to seem like I was getting in your personal business.

I would not have minded one bit. We are pretty much an open book on this website.

I was supposed to have been downgraded from Airbus 320 Captain to 737 First Officer, but because of this deal I will remain an Airbus 320 Captain.


Oh ok glad to hear you kept your seat.

Thanks, me too :slight_smile:


That’s an overwhelming amount of participation on the voting. I guess the unions do their due diligence in making sure all members get a vote. That’s admirable. That’s also good of UAL to want to cut a deal to save jobs instead of just thinking about cutting costs.


We vote online, so there really is no excuse for not voting. Yes, I am glad that UAL took the approach that they did.


Smart business move in my opinion, Which isn’t really worth much ha ha. Time will tell. Glad you got to keep your captain status!