United CPP

Can somebody please explain how the United CPP program works? The site below states that this is a direct path to United’s narrow body fleet after 18months of instruction. I am likely missing some details, as this seems way faster than the regionals route.



You will need to contact United or their CPP partner for more information on that program. I have heard of it, but am not familiar with the details.



If you read it the webpage clearly states you’ll be placed into the United Airlines “hiring pool” AFTER you instruct for 18mos and AFTER you get your 1500hrs and your ATP (never says you have a job). Now “hiring pools” are interesting things. Most are pretty deep and most have “points” or “rating” systems. Being a 1500hr flight instructor doesn’t place you very high on the food chain. So what are you going to do to earn more points or raise your rating while you’re wading in the pool? Thinking your best bet is to do some Regional flying :wink:


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Thank you. That’s exactly what I was confused with. Since they do not guarantee a job, it’s hard to imagine that somebody who just met their ATP mins can be competitive vs. regional captains with 1000s of hours of jet time.