United Family Ties

Typically getting “reflowed” (reassigned from your original trip to a different one) isn’t always ideal. You have plans for a layover, looking forward to the rest you anticipated, etc. However, this time it worked out pretty nice…

I land at Chicago O’Hare with the intention of a quick deadhead to a midwestern city and then a layover. Instead, I had notifications from crew scheduling that I’d be headed to another gate to work ORD-SAN instead then laying over for 30 hours to eventually rejoin my original trip. Not too bad right? Then I loaded up my schedule to see the Captain I’d be flying with, turns out it was someone familiar.

As many of you know, my Dad flew for United Airlines. During our time living in Chicago we met a lot of other United families as well. This particular family lived down the street from us. We shared years of birthday parties and block parties before my family moved to Charlotte. Our families kept in touch over the years and I knew he had followed in his Father’s footsteps as well. We both went to SkyWest but never had the chance to fly together. But finally, this day thanks to a random reflow we finally got to fly together.

Family friends since diapers and now continuing the legacy our Fathers’ started, the second generation of United Airlines pilots.