United Hogan Test

My question is mainly directed towards Chris. What is the hogan test like and why do so many people fail it?



I’m sure Chris will chime in but we have a very similar “personality inventory” at Hawaiian and we get many failures here as well. The #1 reason people fail is because they simply don’t listen to instructions and try and “beat” the test. The instructions are INCREDIBLY simple, read the question and then answer the question HONESTLY. Some really smart shrinks put together the inventories and they created it to get an accurate personality profile. The tests are VERY long (ours is 1,000 questions) but most of the questions repeat themselves (with different phrasings) and try (and succeed) to cause you to be inconsistent if you’re not truthful. People believe they know what the test is “looking” for (or have read methods of “cheating”), they don’t and bust. Honestly while time consuming it’s the easiest test you’ll ever take in your life, again VERY simple, read the question and answer honestly. Unless you’re one of the many “geniuses” who KNOW they’re smarter than the test, then it’s a killer.



I am not sure about the Hogan as I did not have to take it. Look it up on Google though, there is a wealth of information about it there.