United October Schedule

October Schedule

October was a quiet month for me. I am back on reserve in DCA. Honestly, the thought of a month on reserve after a busy summer full of flying was a nice change of pace. I spent most days on Long call reserve but when I did get called for a short call, I commuted up and stayed at my brother’s house and spent time playing with my nieces. Once in DC, I would pick up consecutive days of short call for some extra add pay since I was already in base anyway.

In total I had 14 days off, converted 3 times to short call out of 17 days on reserve (picked up the rest), flew one turn to Burlington, VT and got paid for 90 hours of credit.

1: OFF
2: OFF
3: 2PM-4AM Short Call
4: LSR
5: 2AM-4PM Short Call
7: LSR
9: OFF
10: OFF
11: OFF
12: OFF
13: OFF
15: OFF
16:4PM-6AM Short Call
17:6PM-8AM Short Call
19: OFF
20: OFF
21: SICK
22: SICK
23: LSR
24: OFF
25: OFF
26: 12-4PM Field Standby
27:5AM-6PM Short Call
28:12PM-1AM Short Call
29: 4PM-6AM Short Call
30: LSR
31: OFF



Nice change of pace it seems, plus the 90 hours of pay seems nice :smiley: . Any chance you can explain “field standby,” is that just like airport standby, ready reverse - if you get called you have ‘X’ minutes to get to the gate?



Yep, field standby is the same thing as “ready reserve” OR “airport standby”.


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Now that’s a nice Reserve schedule!


Thanks for posting these detailed schedules. I start at UA in March and these are a great way to get an idea what my first six months might look like.

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Congratulations on your upcoming class date and welcome to United! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions leading up to heading to Denver. :slight_smile:


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