United’s New Livery

Any thoughts on United’s new livery that was supposedly leaked? My dad was a captain at both Continental and United so I grew up with the livery that they are using now, and the new livery will definitely take some getting used to.

Not too far off from their current livery. :thinking:

Quite the interesting look. Will take some time to get used to. Makes the plane look like a toy. I am wondering though if it’ll look good on the widebody planes. :thinking:

I like it. I think it looks a lot cleaner than the previous version.

I think it’ll look good on the wide bodies.

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Looks good to me. It was time for a change.

Out if curiosity, how long will it take to change the entire fleet to the new livery?

Not sure to be honest. Saw an article that said it would take a few years before we see all of the continental style paint schemes completely gone. It’s kinda like when continental merged with United, every time id go to the airport I’d see more and more planes with “United” painted on them than “Continental”. But since they aren’t just changing the letters it might take a lot longer.


It will probably be several years. I believe our airplanes are painted every seven years, so I would expect to see the old paint job around for the next several years.