United vs Delta

So I’m new to this but I am 15 years old and currently doing ground school for my ppl but have the dream of becoming and airline pilot. And I know I’m just dreaming right now but what are the main differences between flying for Delta vs flying for United? My goal is to eventually fly widebody’s later in my career and I believe United offers more of that. I also want to know how long it would take me from being newly hired at a delta or United to becoming a FO on a 777 or an alternative airplane. I just want to hear from someone in the field because I couldn’t really find an answer from anywhere else. Thank you!


You’ll get a variety of answers but really not much. Both are Major Legacy carriers, both have large fleets, both pay well, both have lots of shiny new airplanes that fly worldwide and both have solid reputations as titans in the industry. When it comes to choosing one over the other most pilots I know made the decision based on their bases and how that worked into their lifestyles.

Other than that maybe if you have a preference for single or double breasted uniforms :wink:


Haha I figured it would come down to uniforms, thats why I ruled out AA because they don’t have gold haha. Thanks for the quick response

You ruled out AA because they didn’t have gold uniforms?

United is about to switch to silver stripes.

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No sorry haha I was just joking about that. I know it is still a good airline to work for but lately flights that me and my family have been on with AA have been canceled after hours of waiting at the gate. I guess I just have a bias against them because of that. But I do like the look of the gold stripes more. After reading more about how some people never make it out of the regionals I would probably take a job at any major airline I can get.


That is the right answer. Shoot for your #1, but usually the best airline is the one that hires you.