University Degrees

Which flying schools are the most advisable to go to?


If you look at the top of this website, you will see that this website is sponsored by ATP. All of the mentors on here went to ATP and had very positive experiences, hence why we all recommend going to ATP.

That being said, there are many flight schools out there and no one school is a perfect fit for everybody. I would recommend doing some research on your own, then coming back with any specific questions that you may have.


ATP!!! :slight_smile:


Does a pilot have an advantage if they have an extra university degree in a different field over another pilot who does not pursue a university degree and only has a CPL.

Are airlines likely to employ a pilot with an extra degree?


The regionals are not at all concerned about a degree. The majors like to see a four year degree, the field of study does not matter. While a graduate degree certainly will not hust, it will not really offer much of an advantage either.


Hello Bryan,

Your question is a bit confusing. It sounds like you’re asking us to
comment on the advantages of having two college degrees vs having no
college degree.

The major airlines prefer that pilots have at least a Bachelors Degree. So,
that alone would make a pilot without a degree less attractive. An
exception to this would be if a pilot had military flying experience.

I’m not at a major yet, but from what I do know, generally speaking, one
college degree is sufficient. Again, based on what I know, airlines care
more about flight time, a clean record, and community service more than
they care about multiple college degrees.