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University of Phoenix degrees

Hey guys, would regional and major airlines frown upon you having a bachelors from the University of Phoenix? I’ve read in a few posts that airlines don’t care what the degree is in, but I’m sure they may actually care where you received the degree from… Right?


I have heard conflicting reports on degrees from Phoenix. I do not have an official answer for you, but I can tell you that I personally would stay very far away from U of P as they have had numerous accreditation issues and issues with the Veterans Administration. Also, their graduation rate is extremely low. There are plenty of other respected online colleges out there that could help you get a degree.


That’s interesting to hear, I have never heard anything bad about the University of Phoenix (not that I have heard much about it at all though). I’ll definitely look in to it.


Thank you both for taking the time to respond. I’m only considering phoenix because it’s really convenient in regards to my current work schedule, also the money I receive while attending using my post 9/11 gi bill will go towards funding my flight school endeavor at ATP. I’m just apprehensive because I dont want it to come back and bite me if and when I do apply at a regional or major.


To clear up something, you can only use your GI benefits for the cost of examiner’s fees at ATP, not for tuition. Examiner’s fees of roughly $6,600 can be paid for with GI benefits.

As for the University of Phoenix, I want to be clear that I have no connection with them or any other institute of higher education, but before you spend your money there check out these links:

I would suggest finding a school like Embry Riddle or Utah Valley University that has not had such credibility issues.