Hi, I’m a new user on the forums here.

I’ve been attending high school, and looking at where my future is going to take me. I know I’ve been set on the airline route, but was wondering where to go after graduation.

My current plan is to finish up my PPL at my local flight school, then attend University of North Dakota and major in Aeronautical Science (risky) or Aerospace Engineering. EDIT: I should put in, my end goal is to get to Envoy then flow through to American.

If anyone had advice, or experiences they have or are going through, that would be great.


I recommend you take a look at our faq section as we discuss these things. We generally aren’t fans of aviation degrees as you’re putting all your eggs in the flying basket with no backup plan. That said the decision is yours. Take a look.


That’s why I was wondering about Aerospace Engineering and seeing if I could add on AS to get the 500 hour reduction. Thanks for the info though!