Upcoming pilot

Hi! I recently just made a new account on this website so I’m sorry if I asked a question in the wrong place.

So I’m currently in 8th grade and I’ve always dreamed of being an airline pilot. Can anyone give me some advice about school (specifically about subjects in high school/college I should take and what degree/s I need) finances, all the stuff like that.

I have literally 0% knowledge of planes so if anyone can give me answers that’ll be much appreciated.


As someone pre-HS and under 16 you’re too young to participate in this forum. What I can tell you is it doesn’t matter what subjects you study in HS or college. You simply need to work hard and do well. When you’re ready your flight school will teach you what you need to know but you’ve got some time.

I’d also encourage you to check out https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/
It’s kind of like Boy Scouts for pilots.


Oh, sorry I didn’t realise I was too young, but thanks for helping.

No worries Lawrence. We’ll be here when you’re ready and feel free to browse the forum and visit the FAQ section. Tons of great info there!


Hey, I am a Senior in High School wanting to be a Commercial Pilot, I have no experience and wondering what would be my first step.


I have a few suggestions. First visit our FAQ section where we outline the process in detail. I Akari l also recommend you visit the ATP website where there’s additional guidance:

Finally you need to schedule an intro flight or lesson. While many people believe they want to be a pilot, until you actually sit in the front of a small airplane with your hands on the controls you simply won’t know for certain. All the research in the world won’t help if you go up and you hate it or are frightened. First and foremost you need to give it a try.