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Update on Student who was “underwhelmed”

Hello all! Before I begin with my update…a huge Thank You to Chris for guiding me in the right direction back in August!! This post is long overdue.

I’m not sure how many recall, but I was super frustrated due to being “underwhelmed” with ATP as I had a CFI who was not engaged in teaching and I was falling behind shortly after beginning the program despite my availability!!

Fast forward, big changes were made and I was assigned a new CFI. She is exactly what I needed. She helped me get caught up and even pushed me to get ahead. I began the program July 17th and completed my PPL in early October! I am now working towards my Instrument Rating and yes…checkride is set two weeks ahead of planned syllabus. Wish me luck!

I do not regret leaving an (almost) 20 year career with the judicial government to begin something new!!

Flying is a privilege and I sometimes still cannot believe I am where I am. For anyone considering making the jump from an established career to becoming a pilot, my recommendation is Go For It!!

Thank you to the mentors for all they give to this forum!



Very glad it all worked out!

We make a very strong point of showing up prepared and ready to work hard. We also speak about the quality of the program and ATPs high level of standardization. That all said, sadly not everyone is cut out to be an instructor or sometimes there can be conflicts of personality. Regardless first and foremost ALL ATP students are customers who’ve dedicated themselves and have invested their time and money. If at any time someone is not satisfied with how their training is going they are strongly encouraged to (and should) speak up. ATP takes tremendous pride in their program and reputation and if there’s an issue it will be addressed.

Thank you for sharing and congrats on your progress!



I am so glad to hear that things have changed and that you are pleased with the program and ahead of schedule. I always tell people, if an issue arises, we will jump all over it, but you have to tell us about it first.

I have passed your positive comments onto management as well and will make sure that your CFI knows how pleased you are. Thank you so much for taking the time to update us and good luck in the rest of the program.

Keep coming back to visit us, don’t be a stranger.


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Chris, this is a great update and I was pleased to actually get to talk with you a few weeks ago when I visited the location. I am starting officially in March and the information you shared when we met and our discussion regarding our very similar professional career paths to this point helped me realize I was indeed making the right choice. Hoping to get a chance to talk with you more once I start. Best wishes and keep up the hard work!

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