Updating An IACRA Application With a New Medical

This past October, I got signed off in IACRA to take a checkride for my PPL. Due to personal factors and scheduling issues, I haven’t yet been able to schedule a checkride with a DPE since then. During that time, I renewed my 1st class medical, but not with the same AME that gave me my first medical a year before that.

My application in IACRA lists that first AME and my old medical instead of my renewed medical and more recent AME. Do I need to submit a fresh application through IACRA to include the change of information?



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Go to that link, close to the top you’ll see:

Q. How do I correct an application through IACRA?

Three ways:

If the application has not been submitted for further review, you can edit the application from the website.

If the application has been submitted for further review, the DPE can return the application to you for correction prior to continuing with the review process.

Lastly, the DPE can also print out your application, manually make the changes and upload the manual one back in to the system.



Adam, Hannah,

Thank you for your help! I’ll need the DPE’s assistance at this stage, but I know what to do now.

Thanks again!

Good luck getting that worked out! Let us know how your checkride goes.