Us army soldier

I’m currently in us army and stationed over seas. I have 3 years left on my contract and I always wanted to fly airplanes since I was a kid. With only a high school diploma how long does it take and what courses do I need to take to fulfill my dream? And I have prescription glasses so would that disqualify me for getting into commercial?


Please visit the FAQ section. It explains the process, timeframe etc.

As long as your vision is correctable to 20/20 it’s fine.



The FAQ sections will answer most of your questions. I will say though that at some point, you should plan on adding a degree to your resume if you want to work at the major airlines. The major does not matter, but y9ou will most likely need one.


Not sure where you are overseas or what you do, but if you have not been up in a small plane like a Piper or Cessna get an intro flight from someone. If you can not do that where you are, do it when you go on leave in the states. You can also be figuring out where you will get your degree and use some of your tuition assistance for a couple basic classes each semester. CLEP now too while it is free. GI Bill is great once you are out since it has housing, but you are better off to start your insurance policy of a degree now before it gets crazier when you go to flight training.n