Using ATP flight school to get to ExpressJet

What’s the best way to get to ExpressJet using ATP? Part 141 is the best route I see. Any current ExpressJet pilots use ATP? How did you do it? Any tips?
Thank you!


The best way to get to Xjt from ATP is complete your training, work for ATP as an instructor till you build the required 1500hrs, express (pun intended) your desire to fly for Xjt where you’re GUARANTEED an interview, do well on your interview and get hired. Hope that doesn’t sound curt but it’s really that simple. Not sure where you got the “141 is the best route” from? Xjt has literally been giving preferencial hiring to ATP grads for decades. That said the fact is the Regionals (incl Xjt) are desperately in need of pilots and your chances of getting hired regardless of where you’ve trained is excellent. BUT training with ATP will get you to the front of the line. If you have your doubts I recommend you visit ExpressJet’s hiring page
They have contact info where can ask questions and even schedule visit with a recruiter. Cool?