Vaccination Answers from the Airlines Themselves

(This is more of an informational post rather than a question, so I’m not sure this is the right place for it. Moderators can move/delete if needed.)

Anyways, I have found it to be a common question regarding vaccine requirements and employment at the airlines. The internet contains a lot of information on that subject but it’s vague and sometimes conflicting at best.

Based on the suggestions of a few on this forum, I thought I’d reach out to the recruiting departments of some major airlines and ask them about it directly to get a clear answer.
I thought that I should share the information I received with everyone else who would like a concise answer on this.

I contacted Delta, American, United, and Alaska. Here’s what they said:

Delta and American: Proof of vaccination is not required to get an interview. I.e., vaccination status will not affect the likelihood of getting being “hired.”
But once you get “hired” you either have to show proof of vaccination or get an exemption. The exemption process seems pretty straightforward, as long as you can prove that you’re not getting the vaccine for legitimate religious/medical reasons.
(Which, I imagine, shouldn’t be too hard, considering any personal conviction could be considered religious)
American provided a link to where you request the exemption.

Alaska said that they have no mandate in place.

United didn’t respond, but from their website seems a little stricter. You need to either have proof of vaccination or an approved exemption before the interview.

Hopefully this is helpful information. I just felt that there should be clear, publicly available information regarding this.