Veteran reservist gi bill question

I’ve been doing a little research and have been asking around to find out where I could get funding to finish my ratings and have had little help finding anything. I currently have my PPL with a IR and am just shy of my CPL. I went to school before the military and received my ratings but had to stop due to lack of money and life situations. It’s been 12 years since I’ve flown last and I am ready to jump back in the left seat, dust off the cob webs and get back on track to get were I’ve been wanting to be this whole time. I have just over 12 months of active duty time so that puts me at 60% of the GI Bill ($8,392 a year) which is helpful but not enough. My question is this, is there any programs, grants, scholarships or non-profit organizations who sponsor/ grant additional funding for reserve veterans who don’t cut it for full benefits? Thank you in advance for any useful advice!



ATP is unable to accept GI benefits due to limitations placed on them by the federal government.

I am not aware of any programs like you are asking about to help defray the costs for veterans, or anybody else for that matter.

Most people finance their flight training.


Hi Bret,

Stripes to Bars is a non-profit organization that helps veterans find ways to finish their flight training.

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Look into Liberty University. They have a 141 flight training program and offer Yellow Ribbon matching.


Thank you all for a quick response. I did a comparison on flight schools around me and I think I should be okay with what I’m allotted through the VA. I might try out the Stripes to bars scholarship and maybe apply for a few other scholarships for next year. I can always drive a little for Lyft to pay for any out of pocket items like studying material. I have a lot of study material from '07 but I am pretty sure a lot has changed since then. Heck, the first iPhone just came out when I stopped flying so I’ll have a little learning curve with the Electronic charts and what not that is available these days.