View Limiting Device Recommendations

Starting ATP in about two weeks and finalizing my gear. Any recommendations on view limiting devices for instrument training? I was provided a pair during my PPL training at my former school, so never gave them much thought until now. Thanks!

Any of the shaded goggle/glasses type will work. I recommend against the giant hood as space in your flight bag is limited. If you are like most ATP students, you will leave at least one pair in the airplane and they will be gone forever. Find a cheap pair on Amazon and consider a backup in case you do lose a set.

Always been a fan of the Foggles. Cheap, compact and comfy.


I am actually a fan of the big plastic hood, I felt that it was more comfortable and blocked the view better.

Yes but do you really want to block the view better? :wink:


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I like the plastic clip on “blinders” made by ASA. I bought a pair of foggles and while the get the job done, the frosted part of them somehow scatters and magnifies sunlight, which I find very distracting. Try a few different ones out for yourself, especially if you wear glasses or sunglasses.

The hood just makes me think of The Handmaid’s Tale :joy:

You’ve probably purchased a VLD by now, but I also prefer the big plastic hood, regardless of looks. It works well.


Not sure if anyone uses these, but they work so much better than foggles in my opinion. Little spendy, but well worth it!!

I own a pair of Vibans. Doesn’t block the view as well as the big plastic hood.


Yeah I didn’t like that big hood, but it does work. As long as you are focused on the instruments the Viban worked good for me. I liked how easy they can come off when you take your approaches down to minimums and land.

Foggles all the way!