Want to become a pilot

I really want to become a pilot, that much im certain of. What i dont know is which path would be wiser to take. I live in central Florida close to a local college that has an aerospace program, also in the area are several great private flight schools. Any pros and cons i may not be thinking of here? Leaning towards private flight school to save money and time. married no kids 32.


Read through the FAQ section and other related posts. You’ll find that we always advise to do what’s best for you, but we are bias towards accelerated flight training programs, especially ATP since we all went there. Let us know if you have other questions.


Which college might you be referring to? I am Orlando native and have gone through the research locally. I may be able to save you some effort on flight school choices once you’re done reading through FAQs and have something specific to ask.


Do you already have a degree? Do you need another degree? Are you thinking a degree in aerospace will help with a pilot career? (it won’t). As Tory said, take a look in our FAQ section for some great info but unless you want a degree in Aerospace because you want a degree in Aerospace then I’d look elsewhere.