Wanting to Become a Pilot

Nice to meet everyone my name is Malik Born and raised in Shreveport,Louisiana. After High School I really couldn’t figure out what kind of career i wanted to pursue, no one in my family is a pilot I thought maybe i should become the first. i dont know one thing about flying an airplane but I’m a very adventurous type person so i think this would be a good start for me , Im kinda scared honestly but I want to face my fears and give it a try. Any advice on where i should start ?


The first step is to find the closest ATP (or local flight school) and take an intro flight or lesson. Until you actually go up you really won’t know if flying is right for you, after that you can formulate a plan.



Welcome to the forum, as Adam mentioned you should find the closest ATP (or local flight school) and take a discovery flight [also called introductory flight] to see if flying is something you really want to do. Luckily for you, ATP has a location in Baton Rogue. I’ve flown into Shreveport during my time as a student, love that airport and environment.