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Ways to get hours

I have read that being an instructor for ATP would be quick to accumulate your hours. Lets say i dont tkae that route .Does anybody ever hire right out of the 100 hour program? Is there any other way to accumulate hours just as efficiently?

Also, how long does ATP actually take( if you were to do the 0-hero and to be an instructor and get around 600 hours)


It doesn’t matter whether you go the 40 or 100 hour route, your job prospects right out of the program will be roughly the same.

There are other routes that you can go, this includes ferrying airplanes, flying traffic watch, flying jumpers, etc. However, none of those jobs will get you the experience and knowledge that being an instructor will be. Instructing isn’t just about flight time, it involves continual learning that benefits a new pilot greatly.


ATP takes nine months to get you from 0 to roughly 250 hours. The rest depends on you and how hard you work. Most CFIs fly about 80 hours per month.

What if I complete atp and they don’t offer my instructor job at my location?


If you’re preferred location is not available, then you will be assigned a
location that needs you the most. If you’re location becomes available, you
can put in a transfer request. This is how the airlines operate when
assigning pilots to bases. If relocating is an issue then you can put in
applications at flight schools nearest you.


Then you have the option of working at another location or declining the job offer all together.