What all training can be done a Ypsilanti, Detroit ATP

What all training can be done a Ypsilanti, Detroit ATP
I am adding the 100+ Hour Multi-Engine Option Airline Career Pilot Program
Or should I go to which campus to train all 7 months at. I would like a half and half.
But I don’t know how they would work this from my area.
Can I instruct at Ypsilanti to gain those 1500 hours ASAP after training is complete. That school loan is quite high to mess up with.

Fl, or Tx?. of 50/50 sort of speak.
Thank you. From another future pilot at Endeavour.


The Airline Career Pilot Program is offered at YIP but not the 100hr ME version. For that you’ll have to look elsewhere (Directory of Flight Training School Locations / ATP Flight School
It’s also not a matter of splitting it 50/50 between 2 locations. They’re completely different programs.

For CFI jobs ATP offers successful grads instructor positions where there are available slots. If YIP is available you’ll get it, if it’s not you won’t and can either instruct at an available local or seek employment elsewhere.


So I am better off going to Tx for the entire flight school training.
I assume they have all the areas of the training can be done 100% there.
From -0- to regionals…
Does the housing by ATP cover all 7 months (Via Sallie Mae loan.)
I have all boxes checked off at Sallie Mae
I am looking for a single campus to get this all done right there…


If you follow the link I posted above, it shows all the locations, what programs are offered and if housing is available.



ATP is a flight school with agreements with local apartment complexes to offer housing. It’s not a traditional campus with dorms like you expect at a college or university.

You can choose another location that offers the 100 hr multi program and expect to be there for the entirety of the 7 month program. Make sure and check out that link because only certain locations have the 100 hr multi program and some locations don’t offer housing. Sounds like you need both.

Regardless of where you choose to pursue the program, you may have to relocate for CFI positions. When you finish the program you’ll be offered a few locations with availability and choose to move there, wait for another location or take a position with a different school.

Why are you choosing the 100 hr multi program? We only recommend that for a certain pathway that leads through part 135 flying and not the traditional CFI to 121 route.


Why are you choosing the 100 hr multi program?
Going full commercial cargo or passengers.


You should visit the FAQ section and explore the ATP website. The standard ACPP will provide all the required ratings you will need to be a commercial pilot regardless of the type of flying you pursue. This program is the most efficient in terms of the money you spend and the hours you’ll get in return.

The 100 hr multi program is a more expensive, specific niche program designed to help students who wish to fly in Part 135 charter operations where the hiring requirements are much more competitive than 121 operations.

If you plan on building time as a flight instructor and going to the regionals, the standard program meets the 25 hours of multi time requirement and is more than enough to set you up for success.


Oh wow thank you for pointing this out…
so the default pilot training 92k gets you to the flight deck on regionals after the 1500 hours?
So I could just go with the local school and make it to the flight deck… that’s the goal.

My experience with training at YIP, although I withdrew for personal reasons, was pretty good. At the time they had a multi engine there and available for the training. You can expect to travel to probably Georgia or Florida for the CFI and CFII training. As Hannah pointed out, there isn’t a need to do the 100 hour multi route if your goal is to get to the regionals. If it is local to you and housing is not need, ie staying with family, that would probably help out with the cost. Just stick with the program and spend as much time as you can studying and retaining knowledge. Make those 7 months your only priority. I know a couple of guys that have instructed there are currently or waiting to start training with Spirit Airlines. All I can say is stay focused on your goal.

Thank you for your reply, you all have been helping in my decisions. It sounds like just a single and studying at YIP is a good way to go. as regionals is my goal, not much more afterwards, those come as
a bonus for me later.


It’s impossible to go from zero to regional flight deck in 7 months. It would be impossible and unsafe to fly over 200 hours a month.

The program will get you to 250 flight hours in the 7-12 month range depending on various factors of training. Afterwards, you’ll need to earn the remaining 1250 flight hours from however you choose to earn them. The most common way is to become a flight instructor, but some pilots opt out of the instructor path and fly by towing gliders or dropping skydivers. How you choose to earn those hours are up to you but the instructor path will be the fastest with ATP. From what I have seen on here, most instructors make it to the regionals between 2-3 years after starting the program as a student. Once you get to 750-1000 hours, more opportunities will become available if you choose to leave instructing, but the disclaimer is that it may be slower and your hours may not count as flight time if logged improperly.


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