What are good ratings to get

So what are good and useful ratings to get if you want to become an airline pilot?


Please visit our FAQ section as we outline the process in detail. Know it’s not a matter of “good” or “useful” ratings, there are licenses and ratings that are required to be an airline pilot. The minimum would be your Private and Commercial licenses and your Instrument and Multi Engine ratings.


ok thanks can you send me a link of the ATP flight school 9 months program i cant find it i found only the fast track one i did find the 9 months one but its not in english

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But that was my question


Not sure what you’re looking at but the 9mos program is the Fast Track (you’re really not going to be able to complete all your licenses and ratings in less time than that).



That is what I am looking at, it’s from ATP flight school, it cant be google translated either

I found another timeline but that timeline only goes up to 12 weeks


Here’s the full timeline.