What are some way can I pay for my flight training

What are some ways I can pay for my flight training.

Loans and cash


The most common method used are student loans (unless of course you’re wealthy and can pay out of your own pocket). Unfortunately there really aren’t any scholarships out there I’m aware of.


What is a student loan


A student loan is a loan made by a financial institution to an individual for educational purposes. Since it’s for study or training and not a tangible item (like a house or car) it’s considered unsecured and therefore generally requires a VERY strong credit rating and can often be difficult to obtain.


Oh so you need a good credit to have a student loan

Yes, very good credit with a long established history or a co-signer with the same.

Is there other ways to pay flight training other than students loans

Work and save up the money, and loans from family, but that’s about it.


Oh thank you

AOPA offers a scholarship, but for private only and limited criteria. Worth checking out and applying for if you meet the requirements.