What are your thoughts on aviation programs at Universities?

From the standpoint of an 18 year old that is hoping to become an airline pilot in the coming years I am stumped on what way to go as far as building hours, getting certificates and earning a degree.

I work at Clark Regional Airport in Indiana and have a friend that was a flight instructor at the ATP across the street. I’ve heard that you can go to Purdue and Embry Riddle for aviation but I haven’t heard much at all about universities because no one in my family is in aviation. Right now ATP is close to home and affordable but would an aviation program at a university be better in the long run than ATP?

I’m simply looking for those who had to make the same choice, no matter what age, but still made it or are making it in the airline industry. Thanks in advance, Jackson.


Please read the FAQ section as your questions are all addressed there. After that, we would be happy to answer specific questions.



As Chris said, take a look in the FAQ section. Short answer though is things happen in life and it’s always good to have a back up plan. You can be a pilot with an accounting degree but you can’t be an accountant with an aviation degree. I’m not fan of putting all your eggs in one basket.