What can a person do when he /she is not financially stable to meet his/her needs to begin journey in aviation as a pilot?

Hey Guys and Pilot mentors!!

My name is Alvern Austin and I am Guyanese, age 19. I have completed High School only with Caribbean Examination Council (CXC/CSEC) certificate .I have a passion and eager to be in aviation field as pilot ever since i was a child but i am not financially stable to do this neither can my family, i do not hold any form pilot license. I have been doing research but no positive results as yet and i came across to this site and i thought it was helpful and beneficial. Getting to Flight schools here is difficult because they are private and no government own schools here neither can government sponsor student to private flight schools. I once applied to Air Services flight school recently on August 2016 and i got accepted but could not enroll or register due to no sponsor and they do not have financial aid towards students, it is strictly self supporting . Therefore, i really need your advice and guidance on this. I also have these questions for you all:

  1. Can international students enroll to flight schools in US with high school back ground?
  2. Is it possible for students outside US to get sponsors or any form of financial aid from US residents or companies to begin his journey from scratch? Meaning to get to flight school as a fresh man.
    3.What can you advice persons facing these problem Because sometimes i feel i would never achieve my dream.

All in all , thank you for your time and i would greatly appreciate your respond. Have a wonderful day .


Welcome to the forums. I don’t think that I am going to have the answers that you are looking for, but here goes.

  1. Non residents and non citizens can flight train in the US, but it takes extensive back ground checks to do so. You can start flight training with just a high school diploma, but not at ATP as ATP requires a student to have two years of college complete.

  2. To my knowledge there are no programs that exist like you are speaking of, not even for US citizens. Most students have to apply for financial loans through private lenders. It would be very difficult for a non-citizen to obtain one of these loans.

  3. I would suggest that you look into universities in the US or abroad that offer flight training as part of a four year degree. You might find that schools like Arizona State University are able to help you with the visa requirements and might have access to different forms of financial aid.

I wish I had better answers for you, keep digging and hopefully you will find something.


Thank you Chris, your answers are greatly accepted. I think i should look for universities there at US because it sounds interesting.I like studying too.

I feel that will be your best path to success. I wish you the best. We are always here to answer questions that you may have.

Thank you very much. I will ask more questions in the future.