What can I do to become a pilot while I'm still in secondary school

Hi I’m Jake and I have loved planes for a really long time even though I’m 13 right now all I want to know is what are the best subjects to study while still in secondary school .

Math, math and math. Math is essential. Not just in pilots line of work but in life hehe. And physics would be nice too. Those two can help a lot. But for college degree you don’t need a specific major. You can major in whatever you want. Airline are just looking for pilots who have degrees, doesn’t matter what kind of degrees.
I guess Mentors here can add some info, cause I’m just basically repeating whatever they have said countless times on this forum hehe.
Good luck on your journey.


Not sure who said what but there’s really no reason to study math, math AND math, nor physics either. Now if you want to work for Boeing and design airplanes then sure. But if you simply want to fly da plane you only need a good grasp of basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Best thing you can do at 13 is study hard and do well in HS so you can get into a good college. There’s plenty of great resources online you can Google away. I’d also encourage you to locate the local CAP (Civil Air Patrol, https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/) and pay them a visit. The CAP is like the Boy Scouts with airplanes. They had fantastic courses in aviation and you can even get some actual flight hours.


Thank you for this quick response because now I know what subjects I must focus on . Thanks

Thanks for quick response . Really helpful

Adam is right indeed, you don’t advanced courses but I think physics is fun and you do need math to understand physics properly :grinning: knowing science in general can be both fun and helpful in life no matter what you become.

Will Computing help me become a pilot in the future in any way??