What choice is better

Would you say its a good idea to start atp training after getting one’s associate degree and then working for bachelors once you get a job as a regional officer?


As a general rule we always recommend getting your degree (4yr Bachelors) first. That said I know EVERYBODY is in a hurry these days and going the route you suggest isn’t bad. Just know it takes tremendous discipline to return to school after you’re already flying and I know many pilots who’s procrastination kept them at the Regionals longer than they should’ve been.



You didn’t mention your age, but if you’re 18 and right out of high school you need a minimum of an associates degree or two years equivalent of work experience. We recommend just going to college first and knocking out your bachelors before starting flight training.

If you’re older and trying to play catch up, then getting started right away is in your best interest. Then you can chip away at the degree while at the regionals but it is definitely a difficult path and one that takes considerable discipline.



The route you speak of is the fastest way. I tend to believe that all four years of college first is best as it adds to the maturity needed for flight training. The being said, I certainly understand the desire to get flying sooner rather than later.