What comes after loan application?

Hello my name is Darius and I recently have applied for my loan, no word back if I have been approved or not but I was wondering, while waiting to hear back about my loan what are some steps I can take as far as getting fully enrolled and getting a start with ATP?


Loan approval is the first step because frankly in many cases no loan, no training. IF you’re confident of your approval, then I might go on and take care of getting your medical (if however you’re not Id wait and save the money). Beyond that you don’t mention any flight experience? If in fact you have none and have never been up in a small training airplane I HIGHLY recommend you take your Intro flight. Even if you get approved there are people who believe they want to fly based solely on the fact they see airplane fly and think it’s cool (which it is) or have rode in back of a large commercial jet and have enjoyed it but when they sit upfront of a Cessna they have a completely different reaction. Chances are you’ll like it but there’s also a chance you won’t. I would never even entertain the idea of investing a large amount of time and money in flying without actually trying it out first.



Absolutely take an intro flight if you haven’t already. It will either confirm or question if the path of an airline pilot is for you. Flying in a small trainer is very different than any commercial flying experience.

After that, you could get your medical. However, as Adam said, I’d you’re concerned you may not get approved for your loan you can wait. The medical is about $100 and has a short shelf life. In order to start ATP you must hold a first class medical. If you get it now, you’d have a year to secure financing and start at ATP before having to get it again.



I put a vote towards introductory flight. Figuring out whether you enjoy the experience and comfortability behind is a huge steppingstone in deciding if it’s something for you.

To find a local AME: FAA AME Locator

Medical application website: MedXpress