What do you need to do to become a commercial pilot after graduating from a normal high school

Hello to everyone,

I am 14 years old and i have been imagining to be a commercial pilot since i was 6 years old. Currently i am living in Cyprus and studying in the best high school present in the country. I will now go to the 11th class. My school finishes at the 13th class. Can you please help and guide me to what should i do after i graduating from high school. I really dont know anything about how to become a commercial pilot. I have been researching for a very long time but I really couldn’t find anything. Can you please tell me everything that i need to do after graduating step by step?

Thank you


The best advice I can give you is to continue your education and get a 4yr college degree. In order to be successful in this industry you’ll need one. Focus on you studies, do well and then you can look into flight training later.


Thank you Mr.Adam for your response,

During my 4 yr college degree do i need to take a course for flight hours? So this 4yr college education makes the batchelor’s degree?


No, you can major in just about anything that you want to. Four years of college does not in and of itself make a bachelor’s degree, you will need to complete the criteria that your school puts forth to receive the degree.



Are you from the country of Cyprus in the Middle East? Or the city of
Cyprus in Orange County California?


Country Cyprus just abve Africa in the mediteranean

Thank you Mr.Chris,

  1. To be a commercial pilot which area do i need to finish in the batchelor’s degree? (aviation or airplane engineering)
  2. After i receive the batchelor’s degree, do i need to start courses to achieve 1500 flight hours to earn a licence to be a pilot? And then start flying?
  3. Which aviation university could you recommend me in Europe?

Thanks for everyone replying to me!


I am not at all familiar with the requirements to be a commercial pilot in Europe or which university program is the best. You will need to seek out resources in Europe for the best answers.