What does "commuteable" mean?

In my internet reading, mainly the airline pilot central forums, I have come across a term used quite often but I can’t seem to easially find the meaning.

The term is “cummuteable”, often in the context of the phrase of a trip or reserve days being “commutable on one/both end(s)”.

Would someone mind explaining the basic meaning of this term/phrase?



Good question. “Commutable” refers to the ability to get from wherever you live, to your base, or vice-versa on the same day as your trip. “Non commutable” means having to travel on a day off.

For example, a trip that starts at 8 am would n to be “front end commutable” because clearly you would have to come in the night before for that trip. Now one that starts at 4 pm is likely “commutable” because you can probably fly into your base that same day. Same logic applies to the back end of a trip.

Clear as mud?


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Chrystal clear Chris :wink:

I suspected that might be what it meant but I wasnt sure.


Anytime. Let us know how else we can help or what other questions you have.