What happened to the "Want to get ahead?" Test prep study guide?

It’s gone and links won’t let me open it. It was pinned for a while. I start in September and wanted to take my tests ahead of time, could really use that guide right about now.


Hey Adam,

There was a pinned discussion talking about which apps to use for which tests, about how long you should study, etc.

It was pinned last time I was on this site and now the links to it do not work.

Was hoping someone saved it or if we could get it back up.



That’s the link that used to work.

I’m on the same plane as you @ConnorA.
Starting on August 29th on FXE FL, and I also want to write off writtens first. Even though everybody is more than helpful here, it’s just overwhelming.

First of all, the holy grail “King school” that everybody’s preaching is taken away from us, and it is replaced by “Elevate” (a series of videos made by ATP) to get you closer to the fundamentals, so you can get to test prep apps somewhat prepared.”Sporty study” would be used for PAR and “Sheppard Air” for everything else regarding the tests, as I’ve understood.
You will have access to the “Elevate “ once you’re enrolled. Done that moved on to sporty.

Now, it is still pretty hard, given the fact that you learn by simply guessing the answer, and then when you either have logically luck, or all negative answers (like me lol), you will have an explanation under the correct answer and a link where you can read why’s that the correct answer.
A little bit of work but it gets the job done in most cases, others not so much.
Everybody will tell you don’t worry about the knowledge and “a-ha “ moment because it’s just wrote memorization and you will get a hang of things once you start flying and implementing those.

Still there is a lot, and I mean a lot of information.
Even if you go with the rote memorization option, there’s just a lot of similar questions that I am afraid it will confuse me when I need the most.

Not only that, the thing that concerns me is that you are all alone prior to start date and I am not sure where do I need to use the ruler, other supplements and which ones, allowed take out the calculator etc.

I hope you and everybody else have better absorption of the information, and somebody smarter than me gives his two cents here.

See you at the airport! :man_pilot:


There was too much old and inaccurate info on that link so it was taken down. The consensus is Sporty’s Study Buddy for the PAR and Sheppard for the rest is the best route. There obviously are other study guides available. As Dejan said for the bulk of it its simply rote BUT if you can just learn to understand the charts, graphs, maps etc, the answers are really given to you which means alot less memorization.

Hope that helps.



The information in that thread was out of date. We will have a new one posted soon. Bottom line is use Sporty’s Study Buddy for the private exam and Sheppard Air for all others.


Hot off the press:


Nice job @Brady!!

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