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So I don’t want to be the negative guy on these forums but I genuinely wanted to know about those who don’t make it in the accelerated program. What happens to those who actually quit the program? What part of the loans are to be paid back? Those actually used for flight or the whole disbursement?

I’m NOT 100% certain, but I believe that any unused amount is returned to the lender and you’re only responsible for what was used (I’m sure someone can give a more definitive answer). I do know one person who made it through his CFI but didn’t finish CFII or MEI, he is now instructing and continuing his learning at his own pace at a smaller local flight school.


If to discontinue the program for whatever reason you get a partial refund based on the number of hours you have flown. Here are the details from the website:


So in theory if a 15k loan disbursement was made and the student only flew 48 hrs, then the student will pay for those 48 hrs and the rest goes back to the laon source correct?


Yes, with the caveat that the refund policy is a bit more nuanced than that. Call the admissions department, they can give you the specifics on the refund policy.

This is an important question that ATP takes very seriously. We differentiate ourselves from other flight schools on this very concern.

At about 30 hours, you will complete a pre-solo “Take Off and Landing Eval.” This corresponds to the approximately 30-hour mark (or earlier!) where most students should be ready to fly first solo. On this “Eval,” an instructor other than your primary instructor is sitting beside you for a solo demonstration where they are not supposed to have to coach or take controls at any time.

Most (~70%) students successfully complete the lesson. Others fall into one of the following categories:

  • Identified as needing specific remedial training. Caught early enough where it causes no issue with completing the whole ACPP on-time and on-budget.
  • Identified as possibly not being a good fit for the ACPP and dis-enrolled before incurring excessive cost (and debt). These students fall into our approximately 20% wash-out rate (from zero time).
  • Identified as a primary instructor concern. This is rare, but ATP acknowledges that sometimes an instructor may not be compatible with the student or providing the right approach to their training. This most often results in an instructor change. Again, this is caught early enough where it causes no issue with on-time, on-budget completion.

ATP’s ACPP is specifically designed to optimize time and cost for the 80% who can excel in this program. Not everyone is suited to the ACPP, but for those who are, it is designed to be the most cost and time efficient path to becoming an airline pilot.

Using this important 30-hour milestone protects our students (by not incurring excessive cost before discontinuation), our lenders (by limiting debt when another option may be a better fit for the student), and our instructors (who all deserve to build flight experience with the best students available).

I realize I took this slightly off-topic, but I hope this information has been helpful. Our Admissions team will be happy to share the full “Training & Refund Policy” with you by email.


Thank you, I will contact the admissions for further information. Many thanks!

Thats actually really cool, I already have my Private License is their a similar check for students coming in with credit for their private?

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