What I’ve gone through

So last year when applying for my medical it completely skipped my mind that I had ADD. I only was diagnosed and took meds briefly but got off them because I felt meds weren’t working.
Long story short, around December, immediately following my commercial checkride it hit me that I didn’t report that to the FAA and since then I have been grounded dealing with this. It was a long drawn out process, and not the cheapest thing in the world, but righting the mistake I made so that I didn’t get caught later down the road with a “lie” was worth it.

I just got off the phone with the FAA and emailed them one final but of info on a different thing they asked for, the ranges and limitations of my carpel tunnel, but she said once they looked at that, that my add review appears to be all in order and I should be flying again in no time.


JOSH!!! Wonder what happened to you??? Hope it all goes good!

It’s better now that it’s looking up. Guess I better start studying again.

Thanks for the update, hopefully it all works out and you are back in the sky soon!


Thanks! I’ve been kind of avoiding this site because the more I was in it the more anxious I got :joy: I’m just glad I got it fixed before it became a problem of me omitting info

You did a good thing, Josh. Dealing with this now speaks to your integrity. Hope it all works out.


I think they should have my medical ready by next week or early the following! The lady I spoke to said that if my full range of motions from my carpel tunnel checks out, then I should be good too go. She was like super ecstatic to be able to tell me some good news so it shouldn’t be long now

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I guess I didn’t help with the anxiousness by sending pictures of planes all the time… :wink: :sweat_smile:

Glad to soon see you back up in the sky after this long road, well deserved!

Yeah, definitely wasn’t helping :joy: or the vids of you and your cherokee

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Hey now, I love 64L with all my heart. :rofl:

As of this morning I have finally received special issuance!


Congrats!! So you good to go then?

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Quick turnaround!


That is fantastic news! Congratulations!!!


Yeah! She told me it was a lot faster than most! I was only a little over 4 months since my last flight! And almost exactly 4 months since I started the process with my AME. What I found weird about the whole process was when I finally got the letter tell me what the FAA was going to require, the nuero cog eval was not listed as a requirement. That being said my AME and I thought it best for me to do the eval ASAP to save time and even though it wasn’t asked of me, I sent the results in hopes to speed it up and prevent them from taking time to ask me later for the eval.

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Thanks! Even though I have to go to a psychologist yearly now, I will take it, to be able to fly again! And never make the same medical mistake again

How long do you have to go every year for?

Just once a year 60 days prior to my medical yearly. Basically just talking about if things have changed. But I talked to my AME and he said it’s possible after a few years, the FAA would drop that requirement if nothings changing and they see that.

Interesting, thanks for sharing all of this, it is always good to learn new things about the process.

I am glad you will be back in the skies soon.