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What is a better degree program?

What would be the better option for my bachelors degree: aeronautical science or aviation? And what exactly is the difference between the two? I want to get my private pilots license while im in college and commercial license if that’s possible.

Pick something that you enjoy and will do well in. The airlines don’t care what your degree is in, but a higher GPA will generally look better on your app. Also, good to have skills for a backup plan in case you get medically disqualified or just decide the airline pilot life is not for you.

I’m sure Adam, Chris, and Yarden will weigh in also but you can find similiar threads on this.



I agree with Ryan regarding study something you enjoy, however I’ve never been asked for transcripts or about my GPA. The airlines want a degree and have little concern as to the field of study (as for the difference between the 2 fields you mention I suggest you visit the schools website for course information and I’m certain it can give you a thorough description). It’s definitely possible to get your licenses and ratings while in college but also understand after you’re done training you’ll need to find a job building time (instructing is the most route). The requires you to have 1500hrs before you can fly for an airline and that can take a while. This is one of the primary reasons I frequently suggest other routes (like ATP).