What is the best way to become a pilot as a veteran?

Hi, I was wondering what the best way to become a pilot is as a veteran. I am a veteran and I have the G.I. Bill. I was wondering what the best flight school would be for me. Do other flight schools let you use the G.I Bill to pay for most of the training or would going to college for aviation be a smarter path since you can use the G.I Bill for that?


Personally I think the answer is neither. While I understand the desire to let the govt pay for all your training is great, the problem is they will only allow so much per year which will force you to take far too long to complete your training. Airline pilots can only fly to they’re 65 and every year you delay is one less year you can fly. Senior Capts earn up to $400k a year. You could pay for your training with ATP and be done in 7mos at the cost of about $90k. Or you could go to college and or use your bennies and take 4yrs. You’ll save the $90k but it’ll cost you $1.6mil in future earnings. To me the numbers say it all.


Is the American Flyer’s Club pretty much the same as ATP as far as financing?


I have no idea. You need to check with them. What I can tell you is American Flyers has had nowhere near the thousands of students hired by airlines ATP nor the 1200 hired in the last 12mos alone.