What is the difference between the 40 and 100 class?

Hello everyone,

I have decided I definitely want to enroll in the ATP Career airline pilot program, however, I can’t seem to grasp the difference in the 40hr vs 100hr class aside from the price. Would anyone be able to help explain the benefit of each? Does one help advance you towards a career airline job faster than the other or make you a more favorable candidate?




Really not that complicated. With the 40hr ME program you complete your training with 40hrs of multi-engine time. With the 100hr option you graduate with 100hrs of multi-time. Many Regional airlines have ME time requirements in addition to total time requirements. Now if you plan on instructing for ATP we recommend you save your money since you’ll be building more than enough ME time as an ATP instructor. BUT, if you have other plans after you complete your training you may find it difficult or expensive to get additional ME time so in that case you should go the 100hr route.

Make sense?


Hey Nick,

The difference is 60 hours of multi time :wink:
Don’t overthink it. Both programs offer the same ratings and total time. If
you plan to instruct at ATP the 40 hours is a good choice because you’ll
build even more multi time as an instructor. If you know you don’t want to
instruct, you might want to do the 100 hour.



If you plan on instructing for ATP (you should be), I would absolutely recommend the 40 hour multi program. You will get planty of multi time as an ATP instructor.


Thanks for the response everyone! I definitely plan on instructing for ATP after completing until I have enough hours logged to get picked up by an airline
so I’ll stick with the 40 program. Thanks for the help again guys!

Anytime. Let us know how else we can help :slight_smile:

The question for a new student going to ATP is whether to pick the 100 multi or 40 multi program. I’m lost trying to determine which route would be best? I plan to instruct at ATP once I graduate. I could use any advise or insight on this.

Thank you!


See above.