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What is the family life like? If there is a family life that comes with flying all the time?

I plan on having a family some day and I know a commercial airline pilot is gone a lot of the time. I want to know from anyone who has a family and is doing a professional airline pilot job, is a family doable and how in-contact you are with your family?


If you search through the forum you’ll see a few conversations on this subject but in short of course a family is “doable”. Where do you think little pilots come from? :slight_smile:

The misconception you have is that commercial pilots are gone a lot of the time. Some are, some aren’t. There are many different airlines with many different operations. Some will have you gone for weeks, others you’ll be home every night. As with everything at the airlines seniority plays a big role in your lifestyle. The more senior you are the more control you have over your life. So initially as a Regional FO you may find yourself gone more than you like but again once you gain seniority you can get shorter trips if that’s what you desire. You also may have to make some sacrifice as far as you career goes. Most pilots aspire to fly international trips on the largest airplanes their airline flies. Well if you want to fly a 777 to PEK that’s great but don’t complain that you’re away from home. Don’t apply to Atlas or UPS if you don’t want to be gone for weeks on end. You can and do have as much choice in your away time as possible simply by flying for an airline that has operations that suit your life choices.

Now we’re all fortunate in that technology has advanced to the point where no matter how far away we are we’re never out of contact. Facetime, Viber etc allow us to chat and see our families everywhere and anywhere.

In short it shouldn’t be an issue.


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Thank you Adam for your response. It really helps me out a lot!!