What is the minimum gpa required to become an airline pilot?

Im in high school right now and have all c’s in my classes except for 2 a’s (Math and PE) could I still become a pilot with a 2.7 gpa or not?


Your HS GPA generally come into question as far as the airlines are concerned but you do want to get that up in college. Airlines, particularly Majors may look at your GPA. Further pilot training isn’t easy and relies heavily on hard work and self study. More times than not good grades come from hard work. You need to step it up.



The airlines will most likely not look at your high school GPA, but they will look at your college one. There is an old saying though that past performance is indicative of future performance, so it is time to get into high gear and get that GPA up. Cs are really not acceptable.


Hi Kevin, let me start with saying I am not an airline pilot but I’ll shed some light on my experience this far. Your pilot training will likely be around 75% study, 25% flying, give or take. It is critical that you develop sound study habits to be successful. I have a Master’s degree in engineering and I will tell you that the studying I did for my first certificate (private pilot) was as hard as I had studied for my most difficult classes in college. No joke. Not trying to scare you, it’s definitely doable with the appropriate amount of effort. It’s not too late, just work hard on moving towards your dream. You may decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree and you’ll have opportunities to excel there as well.