What kinds of things do you learn as a pilot?

What kinds of things do you learn as a pilot? Are there any skills you’ve picked up and used in situations other than flying? I know you have to keep calm in unexpected scenarios, and am practising doing that myself. It has helped me a lot at various times.


Pilots learn about navigation, weather, aerodynamics, map reading, the list goes on and on.

I would say that a good understanding of weather patterns can be very applicable in many different situations in life.

As you mentioned, staying cool under pressure is always a good one.


Let’s see…

I’ve learned how to eat during turbulence
I’ve also learned that a bleach pen is a wonderful thing
I’ve learned a good pair of sunglasses are worth the money
I’ve also learned always have a cheap backup pair for when you leave your good ones in an airplane
I’ve learned the value of sleep
I’ve also learned caffeine is also a wonderful thing
I’ve learned the best Japanese food is in Japan (Korean in Korea, Chinese in China, etc)
I’ve also learned the BEST pastrami is in NY, best cupcake is in Seattle, best BBQ is in Lockhart Tx, best burger in Indy, best cinnamon rolls are in San Antonio, best street tacos are in Guadalajara, best fried chicken is in Nashville, best pork chops are in Honolulu…
I’ve learned there are some AMAZING places all over the World and particularly all across America
But I’ve also learned my favorite overnight is HOME :slight_smile:



Awesome, thank you :smile:

Tell me about this best burger in Indy?? I’d like to confirm if it’s true or not. :slight_smile:

Hawaii Pork Chop = Side Street Inn?

It was at a food truck I’d seen on the Food Network. Absolutely fantastic. Close runner up is the Meer burger in Meet Texas.


Danielle that is without question one of my favorite meals anywhere and def my favorite on the island. Back it up with some fried rice and garlic fries and I’m in Fat Boy Heaven! :slight_smile:


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Just looked up this Side Street Inn, how did I live there for 4 years and never even hear about this place.? What about Ted’s Bakery on the North Shore? You’d probably like that place if you’ve never tried it

Jeremy, at any point have I insulted you? So why you insulting me? Never tried Ted’s…(shaking my head)…