What path should I take?

Hello! My name is Eric ,my major is Professional Pilot technology. I’m studying this major in college it’s a 2 years program, right now what I’m doing is finishing with my general education classes and once I finish I’m planning to start the groundschool and also the flight training. But right now I’m a little bit uncertain of what path I’m going to take because I have heard that I’m able to do that career in the Airforce of becoming a pilot and actually I think it will be so much better because they cover all the expenses for the flight school and groundsSchool totally different to College because there they only cover me the groundschool but I can ask for a loan to pay the Flightschool and finance it .For theses reason I’m undecided to which path go , that’s why I would like someone that have been through it to tell me which should be the best way to become a great airline pilot which is my main goal.


I’m curious as to why you’re getting a degree in Pro Pilot Tech and they’re not giving you guidance on the process? Interesting. Do they not offer flight training as part of the program?

As for the military that’s a major life choice and commitment which entails much more than flying airplanes. I know many pilots who have served and ALL say the same thing. If you have a desire to serve your country than by all means do so but enlisting just to get free flight instruction is a bad idea.

There really is no best path, it’s simply the one that works best for you. My suggestion is you finish you degree than do your flight training in an accelerated program like ATPs but again what’s best is up to you.



Going into the military is a great path to go down, but only do it if you truly want to serve your country, not for the free flight training. The military is a whole lifestyle, it is not just flying airplanes. Do know that to fly airplanes in the military, you will need a four year degree.



The best path is the one you choose, we can give you all sorts of paths and guidance, but ultimately it comes down to your goals and timeframe. If you want to serve in the service for the good of protecting and freedom, then a military route is okay. If you see yourself wanting to rush to the airlines and get a good seniority, then an accelerated program like ATP is preferable and then instructing to build time the quickest.

Your main goal is to become a “great airline pilot,” well training in a professional atmosphere and then doing well in all training and checkride events… that would be a start of the footprint.