What’s needed for day one of training

Hi All,

I’m Casey, a 46 year old father of three (youngest is 15 and just started flight school locally & before I get to), that has finally decided that it is finally possible to follow my dream that I should have followed years ago. Since January I have been getting my 1st class medical taken care of and two weeks ago finally got special issuance from the FAA!! Now in a week and a half I have my physical to make it all official and I plan on starting ASAP (or should I wait a bit to get tests done first? I know it can be done during training).

I remember seeing a list of of items we need to purchase for day one as well as for further into training (such headset, IFR trading hood, flight bag, etc), but I cannot find it now. Is there a list hiding somewhere so I can get things purchased? Also do any of you have recommendations of specific brands for items on the list?

I’m excited to get this next chapter of my life started and want to make sure I am well prepared to start.



Here you go:

As for the Writtens while we suggest completing them it’s definitely not a requirement nor would I recommend you delay your start. While it’s one less thing to do during the program, it’s really just a box check and something easily accomplished. You’ll just have that much less free time.

As for specific recommendations for gear if your search the forum you’ll find plenty.



Hi Casey,

Getting ready for ATP is an exciting time!

In addition to the link Adam provided, I found it helpful to have an electronic E6B calculator. You will still want to learn to use the wiz wheel but the electronic calculator makes your life a lot easier as you plow through all the calculations for your navlog in the cross country phase. You can also use web based or app E6B’s but those aren’t allowed in your written test.

You don’t need a view limiting device day one but if you are ordering stuff online anyway might as well pick one up.

I ended up using two kneeboards, one for my iPad and one for my notepad. You will develop your own preferences as you go along. I had a yoke mount for my iPad in PPL phase that I ditched in instrument phase because I thought it pulled on the yoke to one side (though more likely it was the yoke manipulator being broken rather than problems with the yoke mount).

I’ve seen ATP’s recommendation for iPad go from regular size to mini and now back to regular size. At the training center I’ve seen people use both sizes effectively. Just remember you gotta be able to read what’s on the screen while it’s in your lap, us older guys (I’m 42) might have different needs than them young whipper snappers.

Hope this helps,



Congrats on getting the medical done. I would agree that you should get an electronic E6B, but also still learn there manual one.

I would not delay your program start date to work on the writtens. Just complete as many as you can prior to starting, but the program is designed for them to be completed while in the program.


Thank you for the list Adam. I think it will be around the 27th that I will get to start then. They told me after I got my 1st class that I could then reserve my start date and that it needed to be two weeks out minimum. Now to get everything ordered online so it gets to me on time. I appreciate the info.


Hey Chris,

I appreciate the congratulations on medical. It’s been a journey to get everything together for the extra tests they wanted. At least the special issuance is valid for 5 years.

I got lucky on the electronic E6B. My dad figured that since I was going to start flight school I needed the ASA cx-3 as well as the far/aim and the pilot’s handbook of aeronautical knowledge. Guess I’m gonna get duplicates of the publications since ATP sends them as part of the training kit. Oh well. Guess my youngest can use them for his flight training that he just started.

Now if you know how to speed up time so I can get training started!!


Just wanted to give an update. As of September 15th, I have officially enrolled and will start my training on October 11th. Would have started on the 4th, but with a new closet systems being installed on the 5th, I thought it would be better to wait another week to start.

When my 15 year old started his flight training, I saw how excited he was. Then I did my intro flight and got signed up and now I understand that excitement. This has been a long road to get here but I am ready!! Now if I could only make time fly to get trough these last two weeks. Wish me luck.


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Don’t wish these last couple of weeks away. You’re about to get on a VERY fast moving treadmill. Relax and enjoy your time with the family.



Enjoy the two weeks with your family, you are about to get really busy. Please keep us up to date as you progress through the program.


Chris and Adam,

I will keep updating this as I progress through the program. Even though I want time to fly by, I definitely won’t let the family time over these next to weeks go to waste. With two in college and a sophomore in high school that is at the point of “I don’t want to hang out with mom and dad,” it’ll be just good time with my wife and a few times that we may be able to get all the kids together to do something.