What separates pilots in applying for job

I’m going to be short and sweet. I’ve been wandering what separates pilots in the job search process. If you were the hiring manager for Delta, what would make you say “oooh I want this guy” and what would a average resume be.

As your question involved Delta, let’s look at this from the major airline perspective first. First and foremost the majors want to see several thousand hours of jet time and hopefully at least a thousand hours of Captain jet time. Next they want to see a college degree, the field of study really does not matter. Your decision making skills will be evaluated, typically this is a done in a “tell me about a time” or “what would you do?” type format. Lastly, they want ti see if you will be a good fit for the corporate culture. Of course your aeronautical knowledge will also be evaluated.

The regionals expect their applicants to have the necessary flight time, a large amount of aeronautical knowledge, and to be a good fit for the corporate culture.

At the end of the day, a pilot interview is just like any other type of interview. Be qualified, be knowledgeable, prepared and likeable and you should do fine.



Short and sweet there’s nothing on a resume that would make them “oooh”. What you need to understand is a) if you’ve gotten the interview you meet the requirements or you wouldn’t be in the building and b) Major airlines have fighter pilots, astronauts, generals, doctors and lawyers. Trust me they’ve seen it all so there’s not much that will impress them and you could be a decorated war hero or the guy that cured cancer, that doesn’t mean I want to sit next to you locked in a cockpit for 8hrs. When it comes time to interview it’s all about YOU and as Chris said do you “fit”. If you’re a “good guy”, or at least can pretend to be, you’ll be fine.


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