What state to train in

I live in Dallas and I’m switching careers. I’ve wanted to live in UT/CO for years because I LOVE the mountains- I’m 29 and female. I know you can train faster here due to weather so everyone says ‘stay in Dallas’ but I would love to know on average, how much faster will Dallas be than Denver/Salt Lake? For me, a month or two longer is worth it to me to be in the mountains but if we are talking 3+ months then maybe I should get it done here. Can anyone speak to how often someone can fly during winter months in Denver/Salt Lake? My question is: if I dont want to be hired by a school in TX as a CFI upon completion, should I go to a school out in Denver or Salt Lake for my own training so I have a better shot at getting a job in that area? I’ve seen things slow down quite a bit and jobs are getting harder to find. As a female, I believe I may have a better shot at getting hired by the school I attend. Please give your insights!! TIA.


Train where you like. The footprint at ATP is valid for all locations. Further where you train will have no bearing on where you instruct. When you complete training you’ll be given a list of available slots to choose from.



You should find a training center that is CONVENIENT for YOU. ATP’s footprint is standardized throughout all of the 80+ locations. If I had a choose to live at home with relatives and attend a location, I would have done that in a heartbeat.



I feel it is necessary to point out that ATP’s program is a very intense program. There will not be time to go hiking in the mountains, enjoy their splendor, etc. I would pick the location that is most convenient for you and not give it any further thought. Where you train will have very little bearing on where you get a job, they are separate and distinct things

I can assure you that with ATP, your odds of being hired depend solely on how well you do in the program and not on your gender.


Good Morning Carissa, Admissions here!
As stated ATP Flight School has 80+ locations nationwide, you are more than welcome to chose your own location as long as you are within a 30-40 minute commute with reliable transportation.

ATP’s flight career program from zero time is a 9 month period, and the only thing that can deter your program is simply weather. Regardless of the location you decide on, be prepared to be at the training center 6-7 days, fly over night, and fly out of state.

Feel free to give us a call at your convenience so that we may better assist you, and answer any questions you might have or possibly set up tours.
ATP Admissions is available M-F 8am-7pm EST and our phone number is 904-595-7950.