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What to bring first day?

Hey everyone,

I was looking on Extranet for what exactly to bring with me on my first day. I see there is some sort of materials checklist, but I can’t open it. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • certificate
  • medical
  • passport
  • logbook
  • headset
  • iPad

If you could bring your whole supplies box you received in the mail, that would be best. The checklist is to make sure you received all your required textbooks and materials. As for your personal documents, your passport, medical, Pilot certs (if that applies to you yet) and drivers license. If you are paying for the program out of pocket, a check with your first payment is also due. Bring your headset for your first flight.



You should be able to see the whole checklist. Please call admin in the morning to get that resolved.


Hi Kenneth,

I would recommend contacting our training support department at 904-595-7992 so that they can go over the materials checklist with you!