What to bring to first AME appointment?

So, whilst I’ve been doing a lot of study and research, I realized I really need to put a pin in all that until I actually find if I’m able to get a first class medical. In the interest of both saving money and expediting the process as much as I’m capable of, I want to come fully prepared.

  1. Right off the bat, I have two DUIs from roughly 10 years ago when I was 22, within 5 months of each other. I doubt the circumstances really matter; and I never try to make excuses for such things as it sounds like I believe I was justified, but I need to know what to bring regarding that. I looked it up on the DPS website, the first happened Nov 2012 and the second in April 2013. Have had no incidents or even traffic violations since then if it makes a difference.

  2. Do I need to schedule with any specific kind of AME regarding that? I don’t want to waste time and money to just be referred to someone else on the issue.

  3. I plan on getting Lasik eye surgery beforehand. I do have recent (May 2022) optometrist tests and documents that show my eyesight is correctable to 20/20 but i’m not sure if AME would accept that or if I would need to have my eyes corrected to the 20/20 by the time I arrive (either by corrective surgery or prescription lens) Does anyone have any advice or experience with people who’ve had lasik going to an AME?


1&2) With 2 DUIs on your record I’m thinking you should probably go straight to a HIMS AME? I’d locate one in your area and get a consult. They will tell you for certain.

  1. No AME is going to issue you a medical based on a letter saying your eyesight is correctable to 20/20. You will be given an eye exam and you must pass it with 20/20 either with lenses or without.



I would schedule with a HIMS AME and bring all records pertaining to your DUIs.

If you get Lasik done before hand, you will need to bring all records from that to the AME as well. If yogurt the Lasik done afterwards, you will still need to report that to the FAA and there might be a period that you cannot fly, that is another question for the AME.


You’ll need to gather documents for the AME and then the AME will send it to the FAA. The FAA will review it and likely ask for more information and tests (possibly neurological or psych), and then you’ll go back and forth until the FAA is satisfied.
I’ve heard it takes a minimum of 6 months. Consulting with a HIMS AME is probably your best next move.

Chris F